The Bow River

The Bow River

Banff National Park

Our float trip takes you down the Bow River in Banff National Park. The river begins in the Rocky Mountains and winds its way through Alberta. The same water that you float on eventually flows all the way across Canada into Hudson Bay.




Roderick Haig-Brown

The source of the Bow River is the Bow Glacier, one of the many glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. It is also responsible for the river's vivid turquoise blue coloring. The glacial silt that flows into the river reflects the sunlight to create the astonishing color.
The river is a hub for recreational activities in Banff National Park. Keep an eye out for fly fishers trying to catch Brown or Rainbow Trout. You may also see people in kayaks or canoes out enjoying the water.
Bow River is home to many animals. Click here to find out more about the wildlife that calls the river home.
On your tour you will get a close up view of the towering hoodoos of Banff. These structures are the makings of many years of erosion and weathering that remove the outer soft layers of rock to reveal the harder rock underneath.

Golf Course Road

Banff, Alberta

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